James Bond 007 - Spectre

Can we all please agree that this film has one of the best star cast? Lea Seydoux is breathtakingly beautiful. The OHMSS theme takes the cake! 


I forgot how much I love creating weird videos out of nothing. This is just for plain fun:

Day Dreamer from TFilms on Vimeo.

The No-Nonsense Post

I snaked through the traffic from Pasadena to Houston in roughly 15 minutes. While driving on a busy highway 45 lane, I was either debating between getting a cup of coffee or sleep when I get home. I was at the exit I need to take; hesitant I turned around quickly and took the exit to Allen Parkway.

 I parked car my at the very end so I would at least get a minute worth of exercise. I need shed few more pounds. I went inside the coffee place and it seemed empty or rather my tired eyes were unable to understand the traffic flow of the coffee house. I ordered a latte and a chocolate chip cookie. I placed my backpack on a wooden chair facing the parking lot. Next I pulled the laptop out of my backpack and placed it on the counter facing the parking lot. I opened the front portion of the laptop and clicked on power button. And now here I am writing this bullshit post about it at the current moment.

 I’m getting quite anxious about my career in filmmaking. I haven’t done much as of this year beside few wedding videos and photography work last year. Every evening after work, I’ve been jotting down a list of future scripts. I can never finish anything. That or either actually writing something that might be a future film. The key has been to do it. I’ve asked a few friends about having a get together and just filming B-roll. Anything!  Everything!  My schedule at work varies- today I got off at exactly 4:30 and yesterday I got home around 9:30PM. While schedule has been a big conflict in accomplishing any goals I’ve set myself for this year. Here I go again. Where am I? What should I do? I’ve asked for a transfer to a lower-manager. Will it fall through? Will I ever go to California and become a filmmaker? These are very important questions. I turn 27. too old? Not sure. Maybe Redditing will calm me for few hours. Anyways, last night when I got home I had a sudden urge to watch this French lesbian film with Lea Seydoux. I got in about 30 minutes and all I saw were lips of the main lead. The film was intimate, but lacked an overall soul. It wasn’t concrete enough. The sex was great, but not the story. 

 Recently my friend Yurie split her Netflix account cost with me and I’ve had an awesome time searching for films that are never on Netflix. I’m not too sure if I should keep the account since I’ve barely used it for the past one month. I think Google search has done wonders to my film search than Netflix. I don’t think I would want to spend $50 dollars a year for shitty quality (yes, I have fast internet, yet the quality of Netflix stream is horrible) streaming site. Yurie if you are reading this I owe you $8 dollars for the two month usage fee. It is 6:30PM. It took me an hour and thirty minutes to type up this nonsense post. I’m not exactly sure what the point of it is, but I realized I spend way too much wasting on the internet.   

Dolce Vita - The Best Pizza Place In Houston?

A few days before I went out to Dolce Vita Pizzaeria with my friend Nick I had a sudden craving for pizza. My friend Gwen and I had bet that we would try every pizza place in Houston. I love pizza and I don’t mean pizza from Pizza Hut (A small fact of life: I worked at Pizza Hut in high school and I quit after 3 months). My pizza adventure with Gwen ended after I graduation. Recently, I was on a quest to try out a new place with Nick after he mentioned it was known for their pizzas. I arrived 30 minutes late only because I had to pick up inventory papers from an inventory physical count I did previous night in the Galleria area. Houston’s weather has been rather chilly for the month of December and early January. Most days, it’s chilly with a slice of rain here and there.

On a late December Saturday evening I went out for Pizza. The weather was awfully ugly like rats ass. The traffic became heavier and drivers put on their egoistic attitude, “I’m more important” while snaking through wet lanes. I was having a great day since I had finished The Shadow of the Wind that morning so I didn't let it bother me. I crossed Montrose with cautious eyes and noticed Dolce Vita Pizzeria was light-up in bright-orange lights. It looked like a cozy-warm place when I walked in. The greeters greeted me with a smile. It was an Italian man with a slight accent and he asked me with a slight enthusiasm, “How many people are here to dine?”  I told him my party was already seated. I saw Nick across the room eating something. I led myself over to the table and both of us hugged as if we had not seen each other in years. It really had been awhile since I last saw him.

He had a small plate of taleggio with honey and bread and a small bowl of grilled broccoli with pecorino romano.  I ordered a glass of wine. This tasted like any other red wine I’ve had.  After sharing both of the items Nick had ordered before I arrived I asked if he’d like go get drinks later since the last time I went out to a bar was in September.  He nodded in agreement.

A Hispanic waiter came to our table to take our orders. Nick decided on a Romana pizza topped with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and anchovies. I decided to go for the Siciliana topped with tomato, mozzarella, olives and capers. Both of us stuffed our faces with pizza within 10 minutes and washed it down with water.  The service this restaurant was very friendly and the food was delicious. Each slice savored my tongue while the cheese slathered around skin inside my mouth.  Pizza was prepared at absolute perfect.  

Dolce Vita Pizzaeria was absolutely the worst place I’ve eaten for Pizza. It was a total disaster. Everything I’ve written above is false. I still have yet to find the pizza place I could eat at every time. Maybe next time Dolce Vita! They did have great service. A- 

Ida's Cinematography

A Sunday morning in this gloomy weather I couldn't do anything other than watch Ida. Ida was a beautiful film shot completely in black and white. I couldn't take my eyes off the scenes in the film. At one point I thought the film was entirely shot at a perpendicular angle. The camera is placed at a carful position to achieve a great shots from wide angle to close-ups. I believe every filmmaker can learn a thing or two from this film.  90% of the film is shot on a tripod. Not a single scene I could pin point where they might have used a dollies and cranes.  Read more here from both of the cinematographers. Here are my favorite shot from the film Ida. Ida is full of stunningly beautiful frames throughout the film.