Ida's Cinematography

A Sunday morning in this gloomy weather I couldn't do anything other than watching Ida. Ida was a beautiful film shot completely in black and white. I couldn't take my eyes off the scenes in the film. At one point I thought the film was entirely shot at a perpendicular angle. The camera is placed at a carful position to achieve a great shots from wide angle to close-ups. I believe every filmmaker can learn a thing or two from this film.  90% of the film is shot on a tripod. Not a single scene I could pin point where they might have used a dollies and cranes.  Read more here from both of the cinematographers. Here are my favorite shot from the film Ida. Ida is full of stunningly beautiful frames throughout the film.                  

Anya Tish Gallery // Adela Andea

Bipolar Sunshine // Drowning Butterflies

Ever since school ended my quest for new music ended as well. I was recently struck down with a fever inside a hotel room in New Jersey along with cold weather and I couldn't help but do nothing beside search for new music. After the first day, I gave up because I could barely move my arms around the computer. The second day wasn't as bad as the first one and Bipolar Sunshine's Daydreamer and Drowning Butterfilies took me on a journey I didn't think would have been possible. I was Nyquil high and Bipolar Sunshine added another twist inside my head. Enjoy this song! 

The National // I Need My Girl

When I traveled to New Jersey and New York last month The National's Trouble Will Find Me grew on me. I had this album on repeat every morning and on every train ride. I feel like I needed a closure to this album since it was released in 2013 and I finally had a chance to experience that "first listen" of this album all over again. I cannot recommend it enough. When I was in Williamsburg - Brooklyn, I was hoping to score Matt Berninger somewhere writing songs. This plan failed miserably over the past few hours on Bedford Ave. Matt Berninger is heaven for me. The both High Violet and Trouble Will Find Me carried me through the lonely times in my hotel room. 

Lost River: Ryan Gosling

Despite the bad/mixed reviews of the directorial debut film of Ryan Gosling I'm still looking forward to it. It does seem more like style over substance, however, I will take that over a really shitty film. The music is by Johnny Jewel. The film stars Matt Smith and Christina Hendricks.

The National// Heavenfaced

The National's Trouble Will Find Me is my favorite album of theirs. I've listened to it religiously over the past two weeks while out for work in another state.  Enjoy!