The Antlers: Director

One of my favorite from their new album Familiars. Undersea took us to the bottom of the ocean, Familiars take us to on top of a cloud.  They are playing LIVE at Fitz tomorrow and I have my ticket. 

"From a stage in your heart 
I can tell that you're far from yourself 
When You barter your lust for your health And when you claim it's all a play
And you just don't care
I only stare
I'm a director watching you rehearse "

Shopgirl: Anand Tucker

My friend Jackie and I exchanged movie lists and one movie on her list struck me. I remember a good friend of mine once quoted a dialogue from the film on my facebook wall, “hi vik. i'm watching shopgirl. Every time I watch this movie this one line reminds me of you. "hey jeremy, are you the kind of person it takes time to get to know and then once you get to know them... they're fabulous?”  I was in awe when I first read this comment back three years ago. About a month ago, I decided to search the film online and watch it finally.

Ever felt trapped at your job or your endeavor slowly fading away… well this is how most people feel when they are trying to reach their definitive goal. Many of us tend to be destructive when we can’t find a solution, however, a satisfied goal is one that requires sweat, sleepless nights and a pinch of happiness every day.

Shortly after Steve Martin’s wrote his novel Shopgirl was turned into a screenplay. Shopgirl is more of a slow Hollywood French film. Steve Martin has written a thoughtful and relastic screenplay at his first attempt at screenwriting. Shopgirl is a romantic comedy that fails at times, but Shopgirl characters are strikingly charismatic, vulnerable, and honest. The film explores separation, toxic relationship and hopes. Desperate, lonely and untouchable sales associate Mirabelle (Claire Danes) meets Ray (Steve Martin), a wealthy dot-com millionaire in his 60’s, at a Saks Fifth Avenue in Los Angeles one evening. Suddenly that evening, she meets Jeremy, a goalless nerd and awkward font designer. Mirabelle’s first meeting with Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman) at a Laundromat provides a comic relief. Mirabelle is unsure of what lies in her future with Ray, as she feels isolated when he’s traveling. Her job as a sales associate is unchallenging and she soon realizes to divert her attention to becoming an artist.

Shopgirl is not a subtle romantic-comedy, but comes off as half-baked coming of age story. There is something sweet and innocent instilled in the storyline of each character that drawn to me. There are similar movies that I’ve made connections to such as Cashback, Lost In Translation and Up in the Air.

The Fall: Season 2

BBC finally released much awaited trailer for The Fall season 2. I've been desperately waiting for the new season. 

The Vanishing: George Sluizer


Movies on a Thursday night are a rare occasion for me. I leave most films for weekends; however, I recently ended up discovering a film while I had downtime at work. I knew I had to see the film when I got home. One of the best feelings I’ve had is kicking off my shoes after a long day at work or having fairly lonesome time in the bathroom. As the day grew quicker to dawn, I began winding up my work and left the job. I sat in my Toyota corolla for two minutes in raging heat and discovered that it was actually in a list of movies I’ve wanted to see. I dashed home, kicked off my shoes, cleaned up my face in the bathroom and opened up my black MacBook in the bedroom. I adjusted my pillows incase I hunched and searched for “Watch The Vanishing (1988) Online.” After .32 seconds of looking through several searches, I found a copy of it on Youtube. 

The Vanishing (Spoorloos) is a Dutch-French film based on a novel,  “The Golden Egg” by Tim Krabbe. George Sluzier directs the film.  The Vanishing revolves around a couple on a weekend vacation in France. Rex and Saskia stop at a gas station to grab coke and beer when Sasika (Johanna ter Steege) mysteriously disappears outside the gas station. Her lover, Rex (Gene Bervotes) is on a quest to search for her. Three years later, Rex has moved on with his life physically, although, emotionally haunted by her disappearance. He receives a postcard from her abductor and reboots his quest to search for him and Sasika. The Vanishing is a haunting thriller and Sulizer brilliantly executes a well-layered film.  As Rex accelerates to his hunt, he is haunted by a dream once Sasika had. The film has a tantalizing storyline. The film narrates a manipulative obsession towards a horrible experiment. The Vanishing is an intense and unsettling thriller.  This film made me stay up all night because it was too, chilling. 

Wedding Video 1

Well, this was my first experience at filming a wedding. It was stressful, but a great experience. My friend David and I collaborated on this wedding at Hotel Zaza. I will be filming another wedding tomorrow. I think after going through the first traumatic experience of it, it gets easier. I'm excited to experiment a lot more with the tools I have. Eventually, I plan on doing it for extra cash and for the experience. I know it's limited to what I can do creatively, but it shouldn't stop me from being creative. 

Wedding Highlights:


Shower me with time!

Clock was striking at 5:15AM.

I was late as usual waking up. The alarm went off, but I had dismissed it several times. I had exactly 15 minutes to shower, brush, eat breakfast and put on my clothes and shoe. Nevertheless, The 15 minutes were going to be the toughest 15 minutes of my life.  I rehearsed a minute dedicated to all the task I would have to complete and I set myself on a mission.

I took my partials out of a blue container my dentist gave me and rushed to the bathroom door. I took a pea size of toothpaste and gently brushed as I put more toilet paper roll on top of the toilet.  And with one hand I was cleaning my partials, brushing my teeth and other hand trying to clean my bottom. I wasn’t sure if I was exactly cleaning it or not. I spit the white foam out of my mouth and took some hot water and poured it inside my plastic cup and let it sit for a min till it got a little cooler. I added some salt and gargled for a minute while trying to turn on the shower head and let the steam blow through the glass door. I set the water heater on warm and rinsed my mouth twice. I set my feet inside the shower. It was warm, but a gentle, tingly feeling ran through my body. As the water drenched me, I started counting each second I was in the shower. I soaped my body including my hair and face. I smelled the lavender smell breezing through the warm water. I turned the water heater on to cold and washed my entire body with cold water. It felt like an oozing sensation with cold water.  Cold water seems to wake me up on the days I have trouble waking up. I ran out of the shower and covered a towel from half way to my stomach and down to my legs. The water from my hair quickly ran behind my neck and to the bottom of my butt cheeks. I took a small ant size of coconut oil out of the container beside the sink and rubbed it on my palms. As I looked out of the bathroom door, I noticed the time was 5:22. I smothered the coconut oil from my palms onto my face as I looked at myself in the mirror.

  In the summer of 2013, I had promised myself that I would wake up early as I could, but the recent trend of working late nights and overtime had worn me out. I was jaded at the end of the day. The daily routine felt like my life was potentially going backwards. As my income in my bank statement changed from 500 to 5K I became happier, but that money kept on growing, but I had no time to do what I always loved to do. I had become a productive member of society by learning a defined role in the corporate culture by imitating my ex-boss.  The corporate dynamics had taught me many things, and one thing I was sure about was the potentials of what I could do in life. I believed that someone you spent a few hours with can have a great influence on life.

After a minute of rubbing coconut oil around my back neck and my crease line on my stomach, I had set out to make my breakfast. I turned on the television and watched few headlines crossing through the television screen. Indian news anchor are becoming more and more like the FOX NEWS. They were always speaking over the guest loudly. They spoke very fast and I could barely understand a word from their motor mouth.

I took sliced bread out of the pantry and inserted inside a toaster. While trying to open the fridge, I grabbed a small clear glass and poured the water from the fridge. I grabbed another glass for my orange juice and a butter knife and a plate to put my toast on. It was 5:26AM. I ate quickly as I could while trying to pack my lunch for the day. I took my shoes out of the garage and placed them on in front of me. I noticed the socks weren’t inside the shoes. I went upstairs and grabbed a pair of socks and put them out. I took my shoe and opened my car and realized that I was still wearing a towel. I checked my phone I had put on the top cover of my lunch box and noticed a strange list of text messages asking if I wanted to go out for a drink in an hour. It was 5:30PM. I had woken up from a nap on a Saturday evening.