Wild Nothing // Gemini

A beautiful dream-pop with a nostalgic shimmering synths. 

Reading list for this summer!

I ordered some books from Amazon and they finally arrived. I'm excited to read all of these expect for What is the What. I read that back in 2012 and I'm adding it to my bookcase incase I want to read it again. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel: A Humorous Dark Story

I was on an adventure today! It had been more than a month since The Grand Budapest Hotel had been released in the theatres. I was anxious, eager and nervous to see this on the screen.  Tuesday, April 1, 2014, another cloudy-sunny day with humidity boiling up in my car. I goggled the nearest theatre for a matinee show: Alamo and Cinemarks. Alamo had a show at 12:45 for $8 dollars and Cinemarks for $5.50. I’m confused as to why Alamo would be charging $8 for an afternoon show so I decided to drive 3 extra minutes to Cinemarks. The parking lot on a Tuesday was an empty graveyard. I purchased a ticket inside and went to look at the popcorn prices. I was hungry, but not hungry enough for pay for $5 for a small bucket of popcorn that would later make my stomach fluster. 
Wes Anderson is one of my favorite filmmaker. I cannot miss out on any of his films on the big screen. I was expecting nothing, but in return I got my every penny worth for each second of the film. Wes Anderson experimented a lot with aspect rations: from 1.85:1 to 2:35.1 and 1.37.1 entirely shot on film. The film is shot in Germany and inspired by the works of Stefan Zweig, an Austrian-Jewish writer, who was most notably known during World War 1. The Grand Budapest Hotel is Wes Anderson’s most staged, simple and yet emotional film he has directed.  He is widely known as the shot conscious, and puts a lot of detail in each shot.
The Grand Budapest Hotel is an adventure nestled into three different timeframe of Gustave(Ralph Fiennes), a concierge at The Grand Budapest Hotel and his new lobby boy, Zero Mustafa (Tony Revolovri). An unexpected event leads to the death of Madam D, a regular at The Grand Budapest and only prefers Gustave as her loyal concierge. Madam D (Tilda Swinton) has written a sole heir to Gustave, however, her selfish family led by Dimitri (Adrien Brody) want all of it.  Dimitri has a right-hand man, Jopling (Willem Dafoe), who decides to kills all of Madam D’s allies. Gustave visits Madam D’s funeral and steals a painting. He’s also arrested and accused of murdering Madam D. and with the help of a baker, Agatha (Saoirse Ronan), there is a bit of romance that is incomplete in a Wes Anderson film.  

Aside from quirky dialogue and interesting sub-plots, Wes Anderson’s first attempt at solo-screenwriting is awe-inspiring.  The Grand Budapest illustrates emigration in a humorous way. Be it the birthmark of Agatha on her cheek that paints a picture of Mexico, Zero immigrating to a utopian European country. The Grand Budapest unfolds indepth stories within stories. During a scene where Gustave escapes the prison, he scolds Zero for not doing his job the way he was told to. He accuses of him being a lousy immigrant. There is also an anecdote where the Nazi’s are trying to confirm his legal immigration status. Gustave quickly comes in to defend him. He has evolved as a writer and director with each film. He has wisely written this film with a backdrop of history: when Owen Wilson enters the screen in the end, there are flags in the hotel with the signature of ZZ’s are alternative to The SS.  The Grand Budapest is surely one of the best pastel colored film of Wes Anderson.

What's New?

Fargo will premier on FX, April 15th. It is based on the Cohen Brothers film Fargo. It's actually one of my favorite film. I'm excited to see Martin Freeman back on television for the second time this year! 

Tokyo Police Club has a new album. It has been exactly 4 years since their sophomore album. I've listened to Forcefield on the way back home from school. It hasn't grabbed my attention, but it will take a just a little more time than usual since they are experimenting with tunes. Here's Argentina, an 8min track. They will be playing at Fitzgerald on May 6th!

Spoon has officially finished their new album. Here's a quick demo from their tumblr account:

Cooking With Bells On

My friend Kirsten recently started a cooking blog site. She's a great cook (I've had few dishes she's made for me!) 

If you would like to learn how to cook and eat great healthy food check out: www.cookingwithbellson.com

The Black Keys - Fever

Here's a new song from my beloved Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Sounds like The Black Keys!